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Snowdrop Silver Necklace

  • 3/4 inch round silver plated, anti-tarnish, pendant that has been tumbled and polished
  • The backside features an etching of our maple seed logo
  • High-quality silver plated chain in a length of your choosing
  • Miniature print of an original Seed and Sky painting
  • Lead-free and nickel-free (gentle for your skin)
  • Earth-conscious practices and packaging

About the Piece:

I felt inspired to paint this design with bright colors and sprinkle in pink stars. The snowdrop (Galanthus) is a petite, bell-shaped flower that pushes through the snow-covered ground, heralding the arrival of a new year. As the first bloom to grace the frosty landscapes, the snowdrop embodies the spirit of perseverance and the promise of brighter days ahead.

Legend has it that the snowdrop bloomed from the tears of the Greek goddess Persephone, who wept as she emerged from the underworld, bringing life back to the earth after the cold, barren months of winter. This mythical origin adds a touch of enchantment to the snowdrop, making it a beautiful choice to represent the month of January.  

A note from our Creators:

Handmade with dedication and love in our North Carolina studio. Every creation in our collection tells a unique story. Each piece begins as an original Seed and Sky painting that is scaled down and transformed into a miniature print. After carefully placing the print in our custom-cast bezels, we apply a protective layer of resin to preserve its radiant beauty and ensure it withstands the test of time for your everyday enjoyment.

This image is ©seed and sky

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