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The inspiration for our name comes from the winged seeds of the maple tree. Swirling and catching the light when they take flight in the sky. Captivating your imagination with their playfulness.

They are the perfect representation of our love of nature, which is central to our artwork.

A seed is symbolic of potential, nourishment, and personal growth. It holds the spark of creation and creativity within.  It is potent for something so small.

At Seed and Sky, we delight in the magic of small things.

Small acts of kindness planted throughout your day.

Small moments that bring you gratitude.

The hopefulness of a seed.

And of course, our small wearable art.

We care about our customers & we care about the earth.

You can trust we are thoughtful in all aspects of our business. Our packaging. Our ethical sourcing of materials. The quality of metals and the safety of your skin. It matters to us that you have a positive experience inside and out. From start to finish.

So feel free to radiate your unique spirit – we’ve got you covered.


Owner, Illustrator, Creative Director

Kelcey spearheads all things creative for Seed and Sky. In addition to painting as many hours a day as she can, she loves her first sip of coffee in the morning, exploring the woods with her family, and getting lost in a good book.


Owner, Shipper, Customer Service

Alex keeps the day-to-day business ship afloat and running smoothly. When he is not sinking his teeth into some QuickBooks or packing your order, Alex loves mountain biking, going to see live music, and making his kids laugh.


Assistant, Maker

Kaylee has been a part of the Seed and Sky team for years, helping build the jewelry with her joyful spirit and attention to detail. She is also an amazing painter and muralist! You can find her personal work here: