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Black Bear Locket

  • 1 inch round brass locket with four spaces for photographs
  • High-quality oxidized bronze chain in a length of your choosing
  • Miniature print of an original Seed and Sky painting
  • Lead-free and nickel-free (gentle for your skin)
  • Earth-conscious practices and packaging

About the Piece:

Here are three possible reasons why you would want to wear bear jewelry: 

1. Bears can symbolize family and kinship, representing the strong bonds and protective instincts. 

2. The bear's hibernation is a symbol of introspection and inner growth, reminding us to take time for self-reflection and personal transformation. 

3. Bears are just so cute.

A note from our Creators:

Handmade with dedication and love in our North Carolina studio. Every creation in our collection tells a unique story. Each piece begins as an original Seed and Sky painting that is scaled down and transformed into a miniature print. After carefully placing the print in our custom-cast bezels, we apply a protective layer of resin to preserve its radiant beauty and ensure it withstands the test of time for your everyday enjoyment.

This image is ©seed and sky

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