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Sea Turtle Bronze Earrings

These earrings bring to light all of the beauty and magnetism that sea turtles possess. Surrounded by subtle water plants, this little piece of art focuses on the colors of the ocean playing off the turtle shell, with the turtle itself as the focal point. It walks the line between striking and understated, and it is the perfect talisman for people who love turtles or the allure of the ocean.

Description of how I make these earrings:
The design in these earrings is from an original painting of mine. I take the original artwork (which is about 3" in diameter), scan it, and then turn it into miniature prints. I use fade-proof, archival ink which makes the image crystal clear. I then cut those prints out and set them in our custom cast bezels and pour resin over them. It takes a few days for the resin to cure but when it does the earrings are perfectly waterproof and protected for life. Our short ear wires are made of hypoallergenic niobium and our long ear wires are a brass base that are lead free and nickle free.