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Deer Bronze Earrings

The story behind the artwork: I was walking in the big beautiful field behind my house one day when I found a small clearing where the long grass was bent into a big nest of sorts. I could tell it was place where deer slept. This find inspired the artwork featured in this necklace. I love to imagine the deer under the glowing moonlight in the open field.

These handmade Deer earrings are such a perfect size- small enough for them to be your everyday earrings, but big enough to see all the details of the design clearly. They look very pretty on, and they elegantly hang from your ear. Our short ear wires are made of hypoallergenic niobium and our long ear wires are a brass base that are lead free and nickle free. The Bezels are American-Made and have a high-quality Brass Oxide finish. This tiny print of an original seed & sky painting is encased in jeweler's resin for a water-proof, glass-like finish.